With the special purpose, I make this channel as the place to sharing anything about coder, cloud knowledge and some strange story during all the coder's lifetime.

Was born from the Coronavirus disease, all the people do Work form home, jobless, salary pay cut, bonus cut off, alliterate, … 

Face to the critical issues, I made this blog (the previous version is BTuanExpress.net) with the purpose to knowledge sharing on Software Development, coding/design skill, system design and the final is how we can improve the personal value. Then we can pass over for all the unexpected situation. I hope all of you guys – my friends, happy learning and better life. 

Alright, how about the named “Coder Empiric”?

In Vietnamese, we have a very special word that is “Lang Băm” –  it means the bad doctor with bad skill and so cannot help do do anything. And for the coder (or solution architect), What all of us do are give the solution to solve the problem for customer, right? It is quite similar to doctor check and give a drug for patient. Based on that, I linked 2 of them and that is kind of spirit to announce me to be remember to alway be good for best solution.

The second meaning is Coder Empiric – The coder with many experience to bring be best value for customer.

Hope I can help you something to be better through many small sharing topics.

About me:

Name: Tony Bui
Tech: AWS & Cloud Solution Architect and Coder
Experience: Upper 10 years
Achievements: 7 AWS Certifications
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Coder Lang Băm sẽ tập trung 2 phần chính:

  1. Viết các bài chia sẻ về các câu chuyện của coder trong ngành để anh em có thể đọc giải trí và đâu đó rút ra kinh nghiệm cho bản thân
  2. Series Tự học về cloud – AWS: mình chuyên môn về AWS nên mình đang hoàn thiện bộ giá trình học AWS hoàn toàn giải thích bằng tiếng Việt đi kèm Youtube videos giải thích. Các bạn có thể subscribe channel của mình để nhận được bài post sớm nhất nhé

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