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“First of all I want all you guys know the primitive purpose of this application is only for my Japanese learning.

Now I want to share with others and I hope it can help somebody to learning, not for business.

So all comments with improvement purpose are welcome!”

This application shows the popup as a flash card on your PC’s screen. So you can look and learning new vocabulary while you do other thing like coding, anime watching, web surfing,… The popup card includes: Vocabulary, reading way, meaning (up to 3 means).

How to use:

  1. First of all, your machine must install Java for running this app. You can download installer from here (Recommended Java 1.8 or later).
  2. Go here and download latest version of application that depends on your Operation System (Mac, Windows, Linux).
  3. Run downloaded file to start application:
    1. – FlashCardLearning.app for Mac OS
    2. – FlashCardLearning.sh for Linux OS (Not supported yet)
    3. – FlashCardLearning.bat for Windows
  4. Next, application asks you to select data file location. In this time, there are 4 types (* – more detail):
    1. – History: Include your used data files and the default data file (named dfData.csv).
    2. – Browse: Your own local data file with validate format.
    3. – Google SpreadSheet: Data file from spreadsheet of GoogleDrive with validate format.
    4. – Quizlet’s set: Use data set from Quizlet.
  5. Then click “OK” button to start learning. After that, the popup of flash cards will show words one by one.
  6. Application’s Setting: Use to set some configuration of application.
    1. Flash Card’s Size: The minimum and maximum is automatic generated depend on your current screen resolution. So you just slide the slide bar to resize the Flash Card. Default: 300 x 120 pixel.
    2. – Appear Time: Use to set the time of vocabulary will be display. Default: 30 seconds.
    3. – Appear Type: There are 2 types: Random and The less view will be appear first. The default is The less view.
    4. – Text To Speed: supports English, Japanese and France. Default setting is off.

(*) More detail:

4.1 – History: Use this function to fast select learnt data file.

4.2 –BrowseYou can create your own file to learning but the format must be the same as default data file. You can download this file and then modify the data as you need. If wrong format, the application cannot run.

4.3 –Google SpreadSheet:Use your file from Google Spreadsheet, so you can share your data files with friends.

The format must the follow default data file.

To import data from SpreadSheet, follow below step:

  • Go to your Google SpreadSheet and publish your Spreadsheet file: select File menu > Publish to the web and select publish options as below image and the click Publish:
  • Get fileId: For example, I have a valid format file from link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1o-7saZZTax6Tglb8NZjK2Zt6ChISiC5vO03GlFVxw2o and the fileId will be 1o-7saZZTax6Tglb8NZjK2Zt6ChISiC5vO03GlFVxw2o. Then copy it.
  • Run Flash Card Learning application, press “Spreadsheet” button, paste fileId (example: 1o-7saZZTax6Tglb8NZjK2Zt6ChISiC5vO03GlFVxw2o) into text area, press “Ok” and waiting for process downloading. The application downloads your file from Spreadsheet and save it into your local PC. I warrantee your data will not be used for others purposes.
  • After that, click “Ok” button to start learning from your Spreadsheet’s data.

4.4 – Quizlet’s setYou can read more about Quizlet from this. Quizlet is good tool for learning but it just run on browser or mobile applications. So now, you can import Quizlet’s data sets into this application and then learning every time when you open your PC. That data maybe “Your Own Data Set” or “Shared Data Set” by someone. To import data from Quizlet, follow below step:

  • Go to data set on Quizlet and get setId from the URL. For example, there is a set with URL: https://quizlet.com/100650946/write-it-do-it-vocabulary-flash-cards/ and the setId is 100650946. Then copy the setId.
  • Run Flash Card Learning application, press “Quizlet” button, paste setId (Example: 100650946) into text area, press “Ok” and give Flash Card Learning app “read permission” to access your Quizlet’s Data sets. This permission just use to download your selected Quizlet data sets and save them into your local PC. I warrantee your data will not be used for others purposes.
  • Waiting for application download and save your data into local PC. After that, click “Ok” to start learning from your Quizlet’s data.

Changing log:

  • v1.0: 24/09/2017 – The first release of Flash Card Learning application

Report & Improvement:

  • Please help me to improve this application when you got any error while running application.
  • If you want more features, contact me.

All your help will help the application will be better. Thank you so much!

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